Coast to Coast

November 8, 2011

This series reflects travels taken over the past few years, from Ontario to the east and west coasts of Canada. Continuing with photo-based imagery and some en plein air work, the medium explored is chalk pastel on paper versus my usual acrylic on canvas.

Not surprisingly, this recent work continues the figurative/narrative approach that I have employed in my art for over forty years. This series, entitled “Coast to Coast” was first exhibited at the Double Door Studios and Gallery, Anten Mills, On., July 2009, and are my personal reflections on life through landscape.

Making a pastel painting is a process that begins with a careful and energetic (after extensive photographs of the subject), blocking out of the major compositional elements through freehand drawing. Contrasting colours are then applied to create a visual rhythm, a pattern of tonal shapes, to establish the form.

Traditional painting, which I do in a variety of media, is still an essential part of our artistic history. Each work alludes to a place in time, a situation, a narrative, that has the potential to interact with the viewer through association and memory. Visual story telling is our most basic form of communication and maintains an important role in our society.

My purpose is to create, through observed and intuitive colour and light, an emotional representational image that will stimulate memory, both my own and others.

My intent is to revisit, through my photographs – landscapes, surfaces, situations, or relationships and to experience, extend and enhance the memory of these through the creation of the paintings. The work serves as a sensory meditation of the environment. The images should invite the viewer to linger, to take a moment to reflect within; to share with and experience their own recollection of a similar place or situation through their own personal interpretation of life itself.

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